I'm Kate; a late-twenties sensitive soul, full of good intentions and high anxieties.

Bumbling my way through adulthood I've found fondness towards baking ugly cakes, eating cream cheese bagels, accidentally killing my houseplants and drinking decaf coffee. After years of feeling confused about who I am, today I'm comfortable. I said it. No take backs. 

Kindly Kate was initially formed after I had somewhat of a mental breakdown Summer 2019, with an ambition to document every small detail of my life - taking control back! I'm talking the simplicity and complexity. The moody and mundane. I wanted to write it all. These days however, thanks to the fantastic support I've received online, this blog mainly focuses on personal development and mental health, two subjects close to my heart.

If I'm honest, I wish I'd discovered a blog similar to this way back in 2014 when my mental health first started to dwindle but,  several years later I'm here now to help you. I'm embracing my battles, sharing my experiences, and writing an abundance of real life nonsense for us all to mull over.

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