22 March 2021

My Spring Intentions

Friends, I'm not a goal setter, but my phone is littered with rough notes and plans. When it comes to the details of life, there's very little I haven't already thought about and, although sometimes the lack of spontaneity is frustrating, I find planning the details cathartic I suppose. I believe in fate however, which is exactly why I'm setting intentions and trying this season to let life happen. Because, if this past year has taught me anything it's that, not enough planning in the world can stop certain events from hurtling towards you. So, why not embrace the unknown? Deal with disaster when it happens and worry less for now.

With my favourite season just arrived and birds chirping away outside, I'm sitting down today and sharing my intentions with you for the months ahead. Life is on the up as brighter days are here, and I'm feeling optimistic - a phrase I worried I wouldn't be able to say at all this year. 

To take care of my body

Over the past several months whilst my life had been messy, I told myself a lot to listen to my body. To eat whatever I want without guilt or shame and to just get through. It seems however that my body had been telling me to order Papa Johns at least once a week and to eat cheese toasties for breakfast almost every day. Turns out my brain turned into mild gooey cheddar and I couldn't find clarity or the willingness to see the healthier alternatives sat in my fridge. 

But now, body, I'm really really listening. My brain is awake and ready for change. This season we will devour those delicious treats sometimes but, they are treats! We are going to eat our blueberries and porridge for breakfast, walk more and shed some of the dough. Not because I think I'm overweight or because I care about what other people think, simply because I'm not comfortable any more. I'm bloated. 

We are also going to take our vitamins, switch back to decaf and drink more water! 

To nurture my mind 

I've become pretty good over the years at listening to my brain and determining how to spend my hours depending on my mood. I thank anxiety for that. This Spring however I want to nurture my brain in a different kind of way. I want to sit down more and think. I want to read, study and do something to shake things up. To get more involved with work as my job begins to flourish and try my best to feel more alive. Maybe I'll finally book my theory test or attempt my GCSE in Maths? Probably not either of those, but I'm not ruling them out. 

To be generous

Okay. I like to think I'm a pretty good friend, but I haven't been in the position to be there like I've wanted to for months now, and it has nothing to do with lockdown. 

In recent months my friends have truly stepped up and taken care of me when I was broken. They sent me gifts, offered to help pay my bills, found me work, gave me food and bought me flowers. Honestly the love I've felt has been immense. I'm forever grateful. 

This season then, I hope to return some love as my first proper pay since last August is coming up real quick! I intend to send some gifts, share a lot of thanks and remind my friends that I'm here and in a much better place because of them. I know my friends might laugh reading this and think I don't need to do this, but I want to. I like to be generous and I haven't been able to for so long. One of my favourite things has always been to gift other people. In fact, I pride myself in being very good at that. At the moment I don't have any specific gifts in mind, my hope is that things will just pop up and the perfect gift will present itself.

To brighten up my home

Last week I was gifted with daffodils from a lovely lady I work with and, over the weekend my partner bought a few new things to freshen up our home, like a new bath mat for example. Since then every time I look at our bathroom and see that bath mat I can't help but feel excited to jazz up our home a lil. Since we moved in September 2019 we haven't really done too much to decorate, other than buy a dining table, so this Spring I really would like to make it happen. First on the agenda is new sofa cushions, some seating for the garden and, there's talks of even getting a hot tub! But, I'll leave that one up to fate because those things aren't cheap.


  1. Spring is definitely the perfect time to brighten up our homes! I'm very envious of the hot tub haha!

    Katy | www.katystephenson.com | www.thegrownupsclub.com

  2. These are great intentions! Brightening up the house as well as nurturing your mind! Hope you get to book your test, thank you for sharing x

  3. These sound like great intentions. I especially like the sound of being more generous!


  4. Spring is the perfect time for this - I can't wait to just get out and walk more in the sunshine xx

  5. Love this so much, now is a great time to do this too :) Putting flowers on any surface is the best & really brightens up the place xx

  6. I love these intentions you have made for yourself for Spring and Spring is the perfect time to do all of these x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  7. I love that you have made a little list of spring intentions! One need not be a big goal setter to have a few things to work on. Loving your intention of brightening up your home! Our daffodils have not sprouted yet, but our white hyacinth is blooming. :)

  8. I've done so well at looking after myself in 2021, and lockdown has given me ample time to reflect on my diet etc. :) I think taking care of your body is a great intention- and that includes being nice to yourself when you need a break, or a treat. Thank you for sharing x

  9. Love these and love that you've set intentions specifically for Spring. I set intentions monthly and I love how they can shape my whole month x

  10. Oh my days the ‘brain is gooey cheddar’ comment literally is me!!! I am the same. I need to start taking better care of myself too, I constantly feel bleugh and bloated! Such a lovely post and excited to see how you get on! Lotsa love, Hannah | www.thehappyscrapbook.com

  11. These are some amazing intentions! I hope to just get out more... I've missed the warmer weather for sure!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com


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