24 October 2020

Meet the Blogger: Harriet of This Essex Girl

Harriet's blog This Essex Girl and Instagram have both become firm favourites of mine over the past couple of years, as she shares her gorgeous Essex home with her followers, her guinea pigs Sunbeam and Luna and, down to earth wholesome photography style.

With a lot of laughter and light Harriet's content makes me feel warm and cosy in every way and, I love seeing her pop up on stories too, sharing her latest adventures, polls on vintage TV cartoons you thought you'd forgotten or, how she's sprucing up her garden this season. 

I'm so pleased to of had the opportunity to share with you our lovely interview from Summer and allow you the opportunity to get to know this fantastic content creator...

What inspired you to start blogging?

I've always loved writing and taking photographs, and have kept diaries since I was little. As I became more active on social media, having the opportunity to build something online where I could write memories, thoughts and feelings felt like a natural move. If I could inspire one or two people long the way, then great!

How would you sum up your brand in a few words?

I would say slow, countryside living, with a sprinkle of florals, sassy guinea pigs, home cooked recipes and style. You'll regularly find me on Instagram stories too - sharing a poll or debate (red or green pesto is always a hot topic!). Slowing you what book I'm reading, or taking you on a tour of the area I live in. Basically, it's just a little snippet into This Essex Girl's life!

What's one lesson you've learnt from blogging?

Numbers aren't everything! It's very toxic to your mental health to focus solely on numbers I think. I was very guilty of it at first, and put a lot of my blogs worth on whether I reached a certain target or got x amount of followers on Instagram.

In the 3 years I've been doing this now, I've learned to appreciate that connection means so much more. Setting goals are important however, but if I do try to boost awareness of my blog, it will always be through trying to reach like-minded people in an authentic way. For example, I've recently launched my own hashtag with which I'm trying to build a little community of fellow floral lovers! 

What aspect of blogging didn't you anticipate? 

There are negative sides to it, including copycats, follower buying and apps to fake engagement etc. I think it's disappointing with that side of things, but I think people can definitely notice when you're staying genuine to yourself and coming up with your own creative ideas.

On a more positive note, I didn't anticipate making genuine friendships! I have followers from all over the glove (alright big time) and have made genuine connections through having my blog. So that's a really lovely side of blogging...I never thought I would get to know so many new people as I have done.

Do you have any long term blogging ambitions or plans you can share?

Honestly - I am just going with the flow! I have periods when I don't blog a lot and others when I do. I always said that I'm not doing this to become rich or famous, and I stand by that. I couldn't handle the pressure and scrutiny! *Shudders deeply* lol. This is just my little creative outlet, and if people get onboard or I can help to promote a brand too, then that's fab!

Tell us something about yourself totally separate from your blog?

I used to be a total tomboy when I was young. I was football mad, wore tracksuits all the time and, a slick back ponytail with big gold hoops was my go-to look...I think I'll leave you all with that sexy image.

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