1 September 2020

3 Tips to Stop Rushing & Start Living

Ever feel like you're rushing through life? I've been there and I didn't realise I was missing anything until I just stopped. Slowed down and allowed myself the time and scope to simply breathe. 

Life just runs away with us sometimes and moves too quickly for my liking. Before I know it the season has changed and it's almost Autumn again. But, life doesn't always have to be this way. So fast paced and so unyielding. You did know that right? It's all a matter of choice to allow your life to work for you and, to chuck out the notion that your life needs to mould around work or other peoples agendas. 

I let go of that mindset during December 2017 and I've never looked back.

Just know this - life isn't about making yourself busy every waking moment. It's about doing what you love at every given opportunity and embracing all of what you value most  (I thank lockdown for this life lesson!). Yes there's boring mundane tasks like ironing or doing the dishes that we all have to do I'm sure but, those are the only things in my life I'm allowing to kill my vibe. The little stuff that isn't really a big deal. Anything else that leaves me feeling nothing but flustered, sad and stressed can leave immediately, you should feel the same too. It's not about being a quitter either in case that thought ever popped into your head. It's about understanding the tasks / jobs / situations that make us unhappy and realising that they are too unimportant to spend any more time worrying about. Still do them when you have to (e.g. going to the dreaded dentist) but, don't allow them to zap your energy and consume more of your time than necessary. 

So, when things feel wrong and don't seem to be working any more what can we do? I say it's time to embrace a slower, kinder attitude to life starting from now. I won't lie it's not going to be easy, but it'll always be worth it. There will be sacrifice and changes that might need to be made to allow you to find that level of freedom you desire so badly but, it'll feel so good, I promise. A calm life is on the horizen and I have 3 small steps to help you discover it...

Evaluate your current lifestyle

For a minute just consider what you do or don't love about the way you're currently living and ask yourself...
  • Does my current job work for me and does it fit in with the lifestyle I want long term?
  • Am I happy with my job role?
  • How much do I value money over my own happiness?
  • Do I have enough free time for the things I love? Or, do I want more?
  • How's my mental health doing?

These pivotal questions will open up a wider conversation with yourself and allow you to begin evaluating whether what you're currently achieving works and, will continue to long term.

Talking about our mental health is a biggie too. You might want to work 9-5 for example but notice that you feel stressed 90% of the time or have a high sickness rate. This might help you conclude eventually that maybe your current role needs to be more flexible or that you require something a little less high pressure. Think about how this impacts your lifestyle as well. If you feel rundown or anxious as fuck, does this stop you from enjoying days off too? If yes, continuing to work under such conditions can only last so long. Eventually a conversation with your manager might be necessary or, you might even want to consider moving on. 

Vice versa too. If you feel like you're happy working a lot to avoid spending time by yourself or with loved ones, ask yourself why. What are you avoiding and how can you make amends? 

Determine your priorities 

Once you have determined the aspects of your life where you might be feeling unfulfilled or unhappy, you can begin assessing your priorities. This is the moment where you can start finding a new life that works for you. You can set the rules and you can make that shift. 

You might choose to begin considering a more flexible job, you might choose to spend more time at home or, you might even decide something simple like not ordering a takeaway every Friday night in an attempt to save money. Whatever it is, by asking yourself the important questions first, you can open up the conversation with yourself and find better balance. Before you know it the way you view your entire life might change. Your mental health could be better than ever and your home could be thriving! Change is exciting right?

Assign your time

So you've decided the aspects of your life that you feel good and bad about, you've created somewhat of a priorities list and now, it's time to put it in to action! What now? 

I'll be blunt. Just stop saying yes when you mean to say no. Only attend events that bring you joy and stop feeling the FOMO. Appreciate your time more and spend it however you please totally guilt free. Don't justify yourself to friends or loved ones, just be authentically yourself and feel proud. Find that less stressful job, spend more time at home than stuck at the office and stop caring what everyone else thinks. Eat that takeaway or don't, it's all up to you and that's the best part. 


  1. This is my motto - to slow down and enjoy every moment of life. Great article!

  2. Great topic! I think most of us are probably guilty at one time or another of living life too fast. I suppose that is one of the silver linings of this pandemic, it has forced us to slow down and given us more time to reflect on our priorities. Thanks so much for this insiteful and thought provoking post!

  3. I am totally with you about how we often move through life too quickly. We need to be present and really think about life. The last thing we want is to look back and have regrets of not enjoying the moment. I ask myself the question of happiness all the time. It's about wanting more, but needing to be happy with what I have. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  4. These are some greag tips. I've definitely learnt to slow down and just enjoy the moment this year.

  5. I love this. I often find myself evaluating my life on a regular basis to make sure that I'm not just getting by but enjoying myself as well!

    Thanks for this post!

    cabin twenty-four

  6. These are really important! I don't want to ever be doing something in life for the sake of it! I want to reach my dreams and know that what I am doing isn't just for the sake of it or rushed!


  7. I've definitely realised that I rush too much in life! It's true that I need to think about my priorities and whether I'm using up time and energy for things which aren't so important to me. So I can enjoy the things that are!


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