11 September 2020

Meet the Blogger: Anika may

Anika May hosts a wonderfully comforting blog titled Chapters of May, where she explores her love of books, photography, slow living and much more. Her content makes me feel all kinds of cosy, warm and at home through her aesthetically pleasing imagery, and her easy writing style.

Anika openly talks about how her blog started off as a wholesome university project but, has blossomed into so much more for her and is an inspiration to us all. I'm so privileged to interview this beautiful blogger this morning and share with you her brand...

What inspired you to start blogging?

I created my blog as part of a university application project and really fell in love with creating content online. My teacher at the time said a blog would make me stand out, but after ditching uni, I kept up with my writing. It started off as fashion and daily adventures, then I started to post more photography and book reviews, and it evolved from there.

How would you sum up your brand in a few words?

Bookish, cosy and straightforward. I try to stick to an aesthetic, but it's very much just me, the photos I take and the things I like.

What aspect of blogging didn't you anticipate?

The admin! I really thought starting a blog meant posting pretty photos with a couple of sentences. But, there's so much that goes on behind the site: emails, spreadsheets, editing, proofreading, photography, styling, marketing, promotion and, networking on top of creating the blog. It really feels like 10 jobs in 1.

Do you have any long term blog ambitions or plans you can share?

Putting together and photographing flat lays is one of my favourite parts of blogging. So my long-term goal is to be a full-time content creator, but also create content for others. It would be great to launch my own small business as a creative. I would love to improve my writing skills and write for a magazine too. I think writing book reviews professionally would be the dream job. I'd also like to collaborate with a brand to create a product. I always admire bloggers that jump at those kinds of opportunities. 

Tell us something about yourself entirely separate from your blog?

I'm a Marvel super fan. There was one point in my life that I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier almost every day. I know most of the films word for word, and they're like a comfort blanket for me. Tell me you're an MCU lover and we're immediately best friends.

Want to know what to read on Chapters of May?

Some of my favourites include:


  1. I absolutely adore Anika's blog. You couldn't sum it up better with the word 'Comfort' it is a beautiful, homely place and if I could crawl up in a ball and live in her blog, I would!

    Thank you for sharing, it's lovely to learn more about Anika x

  2. Loved this! It's always so nice to learn more about bloggers and how they started, I always inspires me to get on with it myself as well!

  3. Thank you so much for having me! 🥰🥰

    1. Thank you so much for taking part lovely x

  4. I love Anika's blog so much! She's my go to when I'm looking for new books to pick up. Thanks so much for sharing - I always look forward to reading these posts.


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