22 August 2020

What Are My Values & Why They're So Important

There's so much power achieved through looking inwards, taking stock of ourselves and, unlocking our true values. Values that mould us in ways we don't even really notice, from the brands we shop from, companies we work for and the content we create, down to the very minor day to day stuff too, like what we choose to eat for lunch.

In fact, you might not even truly realise what your core values are until you put aside some time to sit down and evaluate, an activity I decided to partake just today. Over the past year I've only just begun to determine my values more solidly but, it wasn't until I actually did some research that I really discovered some more truths.

Our values stem from all of our experiences combined and determine the lives we set out for ourselves in future, alongside influencing the way we live currently. There are so many things to consider but, I've been able to narrow down my values to 5: Kindness, creativity, security, sensitivity and happiness. It was difficult stop picking out words or traits I could associate with myself and really begin thinking about a select few and, how they related to my life and aspirations. I think these five together make a great team however and truly define who I am.


I certainly pride myself in being gentle towards others even when I'm not always kind to myself. I love looking after people, spreading joy and working hard to make sure others feel safe, secure and loved. In everything I do I hope to be a kind person and care a lot about supporting the people who enter my life.


I might not call myself creative in an artistic sense but, I definitely have a different way of thinking or learning than others and, I love adding a personal touch of creativity to everything I do. I find discomfort in work that seems stagnant and has no opportunity for flare or individuality. I won't partake in activities where only one way works and find frustration in people who aren't open-minded when it comes to work. I encourage creativity in others too and always value their efforts. 


Arguably the most important value of mine. I rely heavily on security to provide me with comfort on a daily basis. Whether that's security in the form of my loving partner, job or communication with loved ones, if I don't feel safe, loved or welcome my anxiety begins to chip away at me. Because I value the significance of security I always hope to be a reliable friend to my loved ones too and, like them to know that I'm a source of stability in their lives.


Sensitivity is my power. Growing up I thought that being sensitive and anxious made me weak but, that's just not true. Being sensitive means I can be a loving partner, loyal friend and caring daughter. Being sensitive makes me good at every job I ever put my mind to because I care more about doing things the right way, making the correct choices and being a respected colleague. Without sensitivity all of my values would change. 


This value was easy. I don't wish for much in life but to be happy. Everything in my life comes down to this one single thought. If I'm not happy with something it has to change. I don't care if I'll be broke as a result, happiness is absolutely everything to me. Nothing is worth it unless it brings me joy, a restful sleep and contentment at the end of every day.

Have you thought about your personal values? Let me know...


  1. Kindness is so important in life, it makes the world go round.

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. I love all these values Kate, you can't be a good person if you don't have some values. I love kindness, the world would be a cruel place if we didn't spread a little kindness around. Also happiness is key for a better life! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  3. It's important to know these things about yourself! I've definitely thought about mine in a broader sense before but never in a concise list like this before, I need to try and narrow mine to a top 5 too and see what I come up with. Yours all sound like great ones x


  4. These are all great values, thank you for sharing what's important to you!

  5. I love this! I feel like values are so important in learning respect!


  6. kindness is a great value

  7. For me, kindness is the most important value. I guess we're all here to make a difference, and kindness is the easiest way to do that. Spread the love, I say.

    All the best all the way from South Africa, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)


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