10 August 2020

My Lockdown Highs & Lows

In a recent newsletter of mine I discussed balance and shared two good and two bad things that happened to me within the past week or so. I thought this concept would transfer well when considering life during lockdown and, I'd love to know your highs and lows stories too. 

March feels like a lifetime ago now and somehow like yesterday as well? This period in time is so odd and something I'd mostly like to forget however, there are some details that have revolutionised the way I live my life moving forward and, so many small details I don't share often enough. 


When lockdown began this blog of mine was only a four month old baby. A small dream or hobby and something I had only just begun to consider turning into much more. As time progressed and life shut down I realised that writing was my calling. I'd always loved getting creative and every aspect of managing my blog but, I never really considered it to be a viable career opportunity for me. I'm beginning to see otherwise now and during June I started carving a path for me to become a freelance writer long term. I'm still working part-time but, gradually opening those doors and putting myself out there as a writer.

Along with my career ambition I've also been working very hard on the blog. I've focused my writing somewhat and defined the type of content I want to create. I've also started a Kindly Kate newsletter acting as an extension of my humble blog, where I've gathered a lovely following so far and feel so excited to keep creating unique content for.

Outside of writing, a lot has gone on in the background too. Thanks to having less things to spend money on I've been able to invest in my home. I bought my first ever dining table for example which sometimes doubles up as my desk and we no longer have to eat dinner from our laps constantly. I've also paid off my credit card, spent vast amounts of money supporting small restaurants through their delivery services and, invested money in myself too by signing up to Canva Pro, paying for an online copywriting course and using Flodesk for my above mentioned newsletter.

Other good things include Ben & Jerry's being on offer at Morrisons throughout lockdown and thus I have concluded that Peanut Buttercup is the best. I've also discovered a love for raspberry tea, improved my cooking abilities by baking lots and trying my hand at flatbread, completed Modern Family, eaten apples from a neighbouring tree almost every day, bleached my hair successfully, upped my Instagram game, spent many hours in the bath, had multiple BBQs in the garden, bonded with all the neighbours, spent a lot of time drinking gin over Zoom pub quizzes with friends and, enjoyed time on my bargain inflatable sun lounger. 


Now that I'm sat here contemplating recent times I'm not sure life has been too bad for me after all. I guess that makes me very lucky. I haven't lost my job for example and neither did my partner. Fortunate is the word I'm looking for here.

I've thrived in my own company and at home with my partner during lockdown but, that doesn't mean every day has been good however. Some days have been utterly miserable. Thankfully these days are rare but, anxiety is real when it comes to thinking about leaving the house. I think a month or two ago I realised that I might have accidentally taken a huge leap backwards with my mental health and, could easily never see any of my loved ones ever again if I let anxiety win. 

The truth is my life isn't back to normal and honestly I'm annoyed at people who are pretending the virus has disappeared overnight, friends included. I want to see everyone of course and I've opened up my circle a little but, I'm not ready to go out in large groups and take selfies together pretending life is all good again. It's not and that makes me sad but, that's the reality.

Anyway. Other bad things include another mental health mishap of mine, where I had a major crisis of confidence. I had to back peddle a lot in order to return to a headspace where I could love my blog instead of overthinking its success or failure. Let's not forget my blog is less than a year old. I should just be proud of the effort I've put in and the reward I’ve received as a result. I also gained weight that I shouldn't feel guilty about but did and subsequently have now lost. One day I failed many times at baking lemon drizzle cake and actually broke my oven in the process, lost my shit on a bus yelling at three people who refused to wear masks and had a Twitter rant about it, which I subsequently deleted. And, I massively failed trying to figure out how the hell to use Mailchimp -  I thank them now however for allowing me the opportunity to conclude that Flodesk is far superior and worth paying for. 

There we go! Feel free to share with me some of your highlights and low. I love to know it all...


  1. It's so important to recognise the lows sometimes. You can often learn something from them. Your highs are amazing though. I recently signed up to Canva Pro as well and I LOVE IT!

  2. I loved reading your highs and lows during the lockdown Kate, you can learn so much from your lows, you should be very proud of how far you've taken your blog in less than a year! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk


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