14 August 2020

Meet the Blogger : Hannah's Happy Hour

If you're looking for someone to brighten up your days then Hannah is the blog to follow! This girls content is so wonderful and relatable in every way and I'm so thrilled to interview her today.

Hannah gets creative with her content and I envy her confidence in front of the camera too. On the blog Hannah explores her life and reflects very openly, which I love reading as a similar blogger who doesn't plan on just sharing the good with her subscribers. Real moments are worth exploring and I've truly enjoyed connecting with Hannah this year. 

What inspired you to start writing?

I started blogging after losing my mum. I must admit, I'd never really heard of blogging before, I just happened to stumble on it. I suppose, I'd read quite a lot of blogs in the past without even realising that's what they were, and now that I'm involved in it, I'm starting to see what a wonderful community the blogosphere is! It initially started because the grief was all consuming, so I began journaling, getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper and then over time, it has developed into Hannah's Happy Hour blog. I address grief on my blog as it's something that's a part of me now, sadly. However, the blog has developed over time into a documentation of my lifestyle, sharing lovely snippets and happy memories, as well as opening honest conversation around mental health and wellbeing topics. 

How would you sum up your brand in a few words?

Oooh interesting - I'll be honest, I don't think I've got my shit together enough to say I've nailed a brand ha! I'd like to think my content is relatable and genuine / authentic. What you're reading is basically me as a person on the page - someone who is sarcastic, honest and think's she's bloody hilarious (who doesn't?!)

What's one lesson you've learnt from blogging?

One lesson I've learnt from blogging is to just 'do you'. It's easy to compare yourself to other people and think that your blog, or Instagram feed isn't at the same level. I've learnt thought that content I enjoy consuming is of those people who aren't trying too hard to appear to be fitting into trends. Take this blog for example by Kate, I feel like when I read her content, I really get an idea of who she is as a person and that's the kind of blog I love! In the past, I've panicked and tried changing up my style of writing, my Instagram aesthetic and in the end, it's made me resent it a little! Nowadays, I'm learning to write about things I find enjoyable and easy, post content I find fun to create and I hope that comes across to my readers / followers.

What's one aspect of blogging that you didn't anticipate?

I really didn't anticipate the technical side of blogging. In my head when I started, I was like 'oh this will be great, I'll just be writing and loving every second'. How wrong was I! From putting the blog up, to getting it to look right as well as function correctly - the list is never ending and to be honest, it's all gibberish to me! I've tried to understand it, but it's no use. I blame being bad at Maths and IT at school. It took me at least a year to manage a get subscribe box and I'm not even sure that it works?! (that wasn't a hint to go check my blog out and subscribe by the way...okay... it kinda was).

Do you have any long term plans or ambitions that you can share?

I'd love to tell you I have huge plans for my blog but the reality is, I don't and I'm fine with that. It's never going to be my full time job and I'm happy keeping it as my little corner of the Internet that I come to when I want to unwind. Writing brings me joy and has done wonders for me, both in terms of supporting me through grief and losing my mum, but also just as a lovely little hobby to fill my time with. I've recently ditched topics on my blog such as fashion because that was added when I was trying to 'fit in' with everything I was seeing when I first started Hannah's Happy Hour. I've realised since that I'm deeply unfashionable and shall never touch on the topic again. The only topic I could possibly comment on now would be something like 'how to style your pyjamas' - the lounger life is for me, thanks lockdown.

Tell us something about yourself entirely separate from your blog?

I'm finding this one hard because I talk about my life a lot on my blog and to be honest, for a 27 year old, I'm pretty boring! This is on my blog somewhere but I'm originally from Liverpool and I now live in Yorkshire with my fiancé (still feels weird saying that word!!) I absolutely love Yorkshire so much, it's the perfect place for me as it's so easy to get into the city, whilst also having stunning countryside walks on my doorstep.

Want to know what to read on Hannah's blog?

Some of my favourites include:-


  1. It was refreshing to meet Hannah. And from this interview "authentic" does seem like a good word to describe what she has going on. I like how she is clear that she does what she's doing and she's not under pressure to turn it into something more than that. I think this was a great pick on your part.

  2. I can relate to Hannah so much about blogging! Will check out her blog. :)

  3. So relatable! Especially that we both underestimated the technical aspect of it. Really loved to read this interview, thank you for sharing!


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