24 July 2020

Meet the Blogger: Jade Marie

Jade has been one of my favourite writers for quite some time now and someone I'm pleased to call a friend. In recent years I've watched her blog become a brand and go from strength to strength, which I'm so proud of. 

I'm obsessed with everything about this inspiring creative for so many reasons and, love her honesty when it comes to life with autism. Jade breaks down barriers and builds a loyal following through her honest and opinionated approach to discussing mental health and autism awareness. As someone who struggles with a learning disability and anxiety, I find her content so refreshing and relatable. In fact, through the years she's personally helped me find confidence within myself, helping me to stay motivated when I wanted to stop. 

The future is bright for Jade Marie and it's so exciting to watch.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I actually found the blogging world by accident when one of my friends shared a blog post to her Facebook page, as before that I didn't even know that blogs were a thing.

I realised that blogging could be a way for me to follow my passion for writing, while being able to do some good and education people on the realities of mental health and, life as an autistic woman.

Being autistic and struggling with a list of mental health conditions myself, I wanted to try to help people feel less alone, pass along the tips and advice that have worked for me, and hopefully educate people about autism and mental health at the same time. Even in 2020 there are still so many stereotypes and misconceptions, especially around autism in women, so I wanted to do what I could to help change the conversation.

How would you sum up your brand in a few words?

Cosy. Quirky. Honest

What's one lesson you've learnt from blogging?

There are so many lessons blogging has taught me, but the main one would probably me that I am enough. 

I've spent such a large part of my life being bullied and talked down to, that my self confidence was rock bottom by the time I left school. But, since I started my blog, I've realised that all the things I had been told over the years weren't true.

I've built up an amazing and kind community of readers who enjoy listening to me ramble on about whatever pops into my head that day, when all through school I was told that no one would ever like me, and that I was too weird to make friends.

Don't get me wrong, I still have days when it's nothing but self doubt and anxiety over putting myself out there online. But, I've got a collection of the nice things people have said saved on my phone, which I read to remind myself of just how far I've come whenever I start doubting myself and my blog.

What aspect of blogging didn't you anticipate?

It sounds daft, but I didn't realise just how difficult setting up and running my own website would be. 

I wasn't really one for going on the internet much growing up, and unlike most people my age, I never even had a MySpace account. All I had was a Bebo that I would remember to go on for a few minutes once a week, and then a Facebook page which I  made and then promptly forgot about for the next few years.

When I first went self-hosted with my blog and had to figure out hosting, domain names, themes etc, it was a nightmare! I broke my blog three times just trying to change the theme, and to this day I still don't know how I managed to fix it...

Luckily, I've learnt a few things over the past 5 years, and I'm actually not too bad at running my website now. I managed to change my theme over at the beginning of the year without breaking anything, so I call that progress.

Do you have any long term blog ambitions or plans you can share?

I'm actually working on something I've wanted to launch for a long time now, which is setting up a mental health membership alongside my blog.

It's called What is Normal, and will include resources and courses around a wide range of topics, guest speakers and teachers, who will be giving talks on conditions that they personally have, and also a private community on Slack where you can talk about your experiences, make friends and ask for advice.

I'm also working on turning my autism awareness workshops into online courses and live training. While I love the idea of being able to give one to one teaching and personalised workshops to businesses, COVID coming along has made me realise that I need a back up option for when travelling in person isn't an option.

Tell us something about yourself entirely separate from your blog? 

I'm sure it's something I've mentioned before on the blog or social media, but I'm a huge Marvel fan.

My grandad has quite a few original comics from back when he was young, and when I was little he would let me read them, as long as he was there with me to supervise of course. Then when Iron Man came out when I was 14, he took me to see it and it became our thing to go watch each new film in the cinema together.

Unfortunately, since my nan started to get dementia, he's been unable to leave her alone as he's the one who looks after her full time, we've not been able to go see the later films together. So instead, I always try to go see the new films as close to open day as possible, and then afterwards I go around to see him and tell him all about it; it's not ideal but, it's the best we can do for now.Although I'm glad he wasn't with me when I watched Endgame, as I was an emotional wreck at that film!

Want to know what to read?

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  1. Love reading these interviews! Great one with Jade. I've always loved Jade's blog! :)

  2. I love these interviews Kate, Jade is such an amazing blogger! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  3. These interviews are great - I'm loving discovering new blogs to follow as well as getting to know them better than I would perhaps do just by reading their posts! Thank you for composing these; I hadn't heard/read Jade's blog before so going over now to check it out some more!

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. Thank you Paige! It's been so amazing to collaborate with some amazing creatives and, I've got many more to come. I hope you enjoy Jade's content just as much as I do x

  4. Loved reading this, jades blog sounds great I'll be checking it out! Love the mental health membership too, how wonderful!


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