18 June 2020

I took a Personality Test & Here's What I've Learnt

I've always been fascinated by personality psychology, whether I'm learning more about my traits or discovering someone else's. I just think it's so pivotal to recognise how our brain works alongside how we can communicate with and understand other people in our lives better. This attitude can ultimately breakdown barriers and open up valuable conversations, building the foundation to much stronger long-lasting relationships. Ultimately the mindset of prioritizing our own personal development can unlock the door to self-awareness and an accepting open attitude.

Getting to know ourselves can be a little trickier compared to getting to know other people we encounter but it's a worthwhile expedition nonetheless. Our brains are forever evolving and the experiences that we go through shape so much. Therefore, through taking time out to learn why we may have reacted in a certain way or feel a certain emotion we allow ourselves to grow, share and help so many others through every facet of life. Without the willingness and desire to learn we can't expect to overcome barriers or to achieve impactful relationships.

From a personal level, I currently feel I'm at a place in my life where I know my aspirations, understand my mental health, and am living a fulfilled life that works for me. However, I'm always striving to improve myself and LOVE taking part in a quiz, whether It's BuzzFeed telling me what kind of burger I am or something more serious, so when I discovered 16personalities through reading the fantastic blog Creatively Cat, I knew I needed to take the test and share my experience.

What were my test results?


My results concluded that I'm an Adventurer (ISFP), which essentially means I'm an observant, introvert with feeling, and protecting personality traits. This personality group tends to be open-minded in their approach life, new experiences, and interact with people through "grounded warmth" - this conclusion I love!

My strengths include being sensitive to others, imaginative, curious, and passionate (I agree), and weaknesses include being often unpredictable, easily stressed (um, definitely) and, overly competitive with fluctuating levels of self-esteem.

ISFP personalities tend to be artistic too which did originally make me smirk because I'm ridiculously clumsy and couldn't paint or design to save my life, but when I read in more detail, I realised that being artistic means so much more. Adventurer personalities like myself use aesthetics and their choice of actions to showcase creativity, often pushing outside traditional expectations in terms of behaviour, which is something I strongly strive towards within my own working life. 


I've always considered myself to be quite talkative with a need to share every racing thought, but apparently, Adventurer personalities love to listen too and, dictate experiences depending on their emotions. Whilst being loyal and caring, we prefer to let our partner take the lead and are likely to cancel plans to stay home - Have I ever done this? Yes! Yes, I have. Do I regret it? No.


Adventurers require more than structure and wealth when it comes to careers. We desire creative freedom and honestly, I couldn't relate to anything more. We hate administrative work and loathe "colourless unchanging environments." We seek flexibility, opportunities, and engagement. 

I've worked within several industries now and have always concluded that despite the need and likeness for structure, I've always wanted to create change, to find better ways of working, and to never remain stagnant. Growth through positive change has always been something I've encouraged and have often been shut down for in the workplace annoyingly, but this desire to keep pushing forward has always kept me going. 

Careers best suited to an ISFP include occupational therapists, chefs, teaching, and marketing. 

Apparently careers to avoid include psychology and accounting. 

What have I learnt from this experience?

Everything I thought is true and valid. 

I appreciate that one personality test isn't going to change my life, but this experience has been so worthwhile, confirming the accuracy of my own research, whilst restoring a little confidence that I'm creating the right lifestyle for myself. 

Within the past year I've sat down a lot and thought about the person I am, who I want to be, and the things I do or don't deem important. I've thought about the aspects of my life that I love how and how I want to obtain my aspirations, which has led me to where I am currently. 

I've always strived to create a peaceful environment for myself in which my relationships can flourish and I can find comfort, which the Adventurer personality trait seems to embody perfectly. It took me a long time to realise that living a quiet life and not being available for everyone 24/7 was nothing to be ashamed of and in fact, it's something a lot of people strive towards. 

If anything, this test was simply interesting to partake in, but of course, I won't be using the results to change my life in any major way, just like I won't be overthinking BuzzFeed quizzes when they tell me my ideal career is to be a mermaid - although I wish with every fibre of my being that this could be possible. What I mean to say is, I'll simply be bearing the knowledge from 16personalities in mind when continuing my personal development journey, whilst encouraging others to delve a little into their own research to improve their own self-awareness.


  1. I'm so glad you found the test to be useful - I was honestly blown away by reading the results for mine. It really was like holding a mirror up to myself! I learned to be more self aware through counselling, and tests like this might not be the be all to everything, but they can definitely help on your personal development journey, as you say. Thank you for the mention! x

    1. Thanks for reading Cat! I completely agree, these tests aren't always 100% accurate and shouldn't be taken too seriously, but they do open up the conversation about our personal development and hopefully encourage us to strive towards a better life that works x

  2. You will not take that career as a mermaid? Come ooon. Haha. Yes this tests can be useful and need to be taken with a grain of salt. sometimes the multiple choices biase you towards picking the exact answer. Embrace your journey!

  3. I love taking personality tests!! I'm an INFP and I feel like it sums me up pretty well. The enneagram is another great one to look up!

  4. I love taking tests like these for the fun of it and to learn more about myself. A friend of mine who is a psychologist says we shouldn't rely on them all the time, but they do help us to understand ourselves (and other people) more.

  5. A fab read and I then went and did the test myself! I came out pretty identical to what you had said!
    Han | www.hannahshappyhour.com xxx


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