26 June 2020

Meet the Blogger: Becc4

Becca's aesthetic is everything. From her well-thought-out Instagram content to her writing style, I adore this blogger and am so pleased she agreed to take part in this interview. 

Through wholesome photography Becca is able to draw a picture of her lifestyle with warm tones, elegant flatlays and delicious recipes. I love everything about this wonderful content creators slow style and envy her ability with the camera. 

Becca's blog is truly a hub where all of her cosy imagery can spill out into her writing and make you feel all kinds of comfortable. We're talking lifestyle, slow fashion, blogging, skincare and life during lockdown - topics I know all of my readers can sit back and enjoy!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I'd watched YouTubers, followed Instagrammers and read blogs for years, but only started becc4 during my second year of university. I was revising for exams, spending hours on end reading dry academic papers and decided that I wanted to have a fun, creative outlet to escape to.

I love talking to people (and generally rambling on about things I like) so combined with my passion for taking photos, blogging really seemed to be a perfect fit.

How would you sum up your brand in a few words?

Beige, baking and blogging.

My aesthetic is very neutral, I'm always baking things/eating baked goods/ talking about food, and I occasionally like to post blogging hints and tips. My personal brand is very relaxed, chatty and fun in tone, and is essentially just a rambly extension of my everyday life.

What's one lesson you've learnt from blogging?

The importance of being yourself. Yes, we've all heard it hundreds of times, but in blogging in particular, I think this is especially relevant. There are thousands and thousands of content creators, Instagrammers and bloggers - what makes you stand out? Being yourself, of course. It's easy to get sucked into current trends and just do what everyone else is doing but ultimately, it's important just to be yourself, do you own thing and stay in your lane.

What aspect of blogging didn't you anticipate?

I didn't anticipate the comparison trap. It sounds awful but blogging can often end up being quite a competitive hobby. Quite rightly, people like to shout all about their recent wins; the brand deals they've signed and the thousands of views they're getting, but it's often quite hard to not question why you haven't been getting the same sort of deals and engagement. It's so easy to look at what someone else is doing and wonder why it's working for them and not you. I didn't ever imagine blogging to evoke these sorts of emotions or reactions, but I suppose it is only natural to be curious.

Do you have any long term ambitions or plans you can share?

At present, my blog is solely a hobby of mine and I don't have any plans to go full-time with it. That being said, I would love to continue growing my channels, reaching more readers and expanding my range of influence! 10K on Instagram, I'm looking at you...

Tell us something about yourself totally separate from your blog?

I absolutely detest Jaffa Cakes and anything chocolate orange flavoured - the small of it alone genuinely makes me feel a little bit sick. Other than that I'm a psychology graduate who wrote her dissertation on the chronology of alcoholism in the homeless population, and have an apricot Cockapoo named Murphy.

Want to know what to read on Becca's blog?

Some of my favourites include:-


  1. I love Becca's blog posts and her Insta! Her content is always on point! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Her content is wonderful isn't it?! I admire her photography so much and she has a real way with words.

      Thanks for reading Lucy x


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