29 May 2020

May in Review

May has always been a favourite month of mine. The sun shines often, Summer slowly creeps in and lighter evenings feel joyous. 

I've had a couple small hurdles to cross this month, but realistically it's been pretty lovely and relaxed. In fact, I didn't realise just how much had happened until I began scrambling this blog post together. 

There's been lots of little achievements and so much growth. 

Tried banana's on toast for the first time

...with peanut butter and absolutely loved it. I also drank an ice cold spinach, mango and coconut water smoothie, all whilst looking out to sea. The entire day was heaven.

Paid off my credit card

My credit card took me minutes to max out and a year to pay off, but I did it! I'm thanking lockdown for this one. I seriously couldn't of done it without being forced to stay home and not spend a penny on solo brunch dates.

Treated myself to Breathe magazine

Whilst frantically running around Sainsbury's one evening with an impatient partner waiting in the car, this magazine caught my eye. I'd read previous editions before and thought I'd treat myself in wake of two hideously anxious days I'd rather forget.

Tested negative for COVID-19

Absolutely nothing to worry about, but anxiety had me completely freaking out. I had no symptoms and didn't think I had the virus, but due to my job in healthcare a test was required. 

Shoving a cotton bud up my own nose and down my throat wasn't pleasant, but the experience only lasted a couple of dreaded minutes. 

Just a couple of days later I found out that I tested negative and I could resume life without fear.

Perfected home-made flatbread

I'm no expert, but these are pretty damn delicious. 

Every time I've made these in recent weeks the bread has always looked different, but always tasted the same thankfully. Click here for my recipe.

Met the neighbours 

When we moved to our new house in September, we immediately felt at home and welcome thanks to several kind neighbours. However, it wasn't until VE Day that we were able to say hello to everyone in the cul-de-sac and truly get to know our neighbours a little better.

We had a fantastic street party that went on past midnight, social distancing on our front lawns, music blaring, shot drinking and basking in the evening sun. Glorious. 

Since this day we've been feeling more attached to our home than ever and completely love where we reside.

Bought three new houseplants

Look at them go! 

I won't lie, I have no idea how to look after indoor plants but I have many and none have died yet. Did I just jinx things? Probably.

My oven broke

In the middle of baking a lemon drizzle cake and cooking a pasta bake, my oven died on me. Miraculously both the cake and the pasta turned out fine, but the money I had just spent stocking up the freezer full of pizzas felt totally wasted.

A week and a half later it's been fixed, a day earlier than scheduled too. Truly that's something to be grateful for. Goodbye to eating lighter lunches and hello Ristorante pizza! 

Added to my laptop sticker collection

Not much to say here, but I think these additions are pretty cute - don't you agree? 

Purchased a dining table 

New levels of adulthood were unlocked when this dining table arrived mid May. 

Without lockdown, I certainly wouldn't of been able to afford this purchase. Something that felt so non-essential before is something I've been using every day to double up as my desk now.

Sitting here, coffee in hand and blog content on the brain fills me constantly with inspiration. Peering straight out to the garden from my chair is the dream I never knew I wanted until I plonked myself down at the table and vowed to not let this investment be wasted.

Registered as self-employed aka freelance

This is something I've wanted for so long, but had no idea how make my dreams come true. After a few months of research and overthinking, on Wednesday I decided to go for it. 

It's very early days, but I'm officially a freelance copywriter! 

There's lots of training to be done and knowledge to refine, but I'm on my way and it's exciting. 

I'm feeling super anxious to get the ball rolling if I'm honest, but know I've made such a positive step in the right direction. 

I'm not completely sure on the logistics of everything yet, but it's a learning process that I'm truly invested in figuring out.

Ventured to Dartmoor for my first long walk in over two months

Bank holiday Monday was a total dream come true. Glorious sunshine and some downtime with my partner made this walk a real treat. 

In the midst of such chaos in our own lives, it was so blissful to walk for hours and see such beautiful wildlife roaming free and living so calmly amongst one another.

Ended the month feeling good and looking forward to some time off with my partner

It's almost the 1st of June and the start of a weeks annual leave with my no1. I know we can't do much given the situation, but I'm hoping to go on a couple of nice walks, support some local businesses by ordering delicious food and possibly go for the first swim in the ocean of 2020. 

I also envision plenty of movie nights, possibly a BBQ or three and lots of rest.

June is going to be an exciting month, I can already tell!


  1. I loved reading all about your May! I also tested negative for COVID! I had a surgery and they made me get tested before they did the operation. It was not a pleasant experience lol but glad to have it over and done!
    -Charity https://morningsonmacedonia.com

  2. You've managed so much in the last month, I feel really guilty about having done nothing now 😅 I can't BELIEVE you'd never had bananas on toast until now - it was such a staple for me growing up! And those new plants and stickers are so cute. I wish I could buy stickers but I think I'm giving up my old Macbook for an iMac now, and I'm not sure how cool they'd look on a computer ☹️

    Beka | www.bekadaisies.com

  3. Ah you've got up to some lovely things in May! Yay to paying off your credit card and YAY to freelancing! Sorry your oven broke though!

  4. That must have been such a scary time when you were getting tested for Covid, I'm so happy to hear that it came back negative! Bananas and toast is so nice, it's one of my favourite breakfast meals! Also well done on paying off your credit card! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk


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