15 May 2020

6 Shows You Should Be Watching on Netflix

In my downtime you can always trust I'll be relaxing in bed with my beloved Netflix. I have so many series that I'm totally obsessed with and eagerly waiting the return of, but here's some of what I'm currently watching that I highly recommend if you're ever stuck...

Restaurants on the Edge

Lord knows I'm a foodie! I hate myself for saying that, but it's true. 

If like me you loved watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA, but are looking for a little more refinement in your life these days, this show is the one for you. 

Restaurants on the Edge is led by a team of experts travelling across the globe to literally save restaurants from imminent closure. Together a designer, restaurateur and chef collaborate to celebrate local culture and allow restaurant owners to fulfil their dreams. This show is truly magical and makes me feel so inspired. I shed tears of joy during every episode I swear, but it's worth a watch nonetheless.

Modern Family

Okay. If you haven't seen Modern Family where have you been? 

I have such fond memories of living at my mums house and watching this with her on Sky. Sadly, when I moved out of hers during 2012 I wasn't able to keep up the ongoings on this expansive family, but thankfully it's on Netflix now so that's me sorted!

If you're looking for some easy escapism with a lot of laughs and relatable moments, this show is perfect. It's a mockumentary following the lives of Mitchell and his husband Cam, alongside Mitch's sister Claire and her nuclear family, and their father Jay with his second wife and step son. 

Dead to Me

I've always always been obsessed with the star of this show Christina Applegate. She's a hugely underrated actress in my eyes. From her work in Anchorman to her guest appearances in Friends, I can't get enough.

Dead to Me explores Christina Applegates raw and emotional experience with grief, after losing her husband during a hit-and-run. Christina's character Jen is on a mission to solve the mystery of her husbands death and finds comfort in a friend named Judy, who has also suffered loss. The pair of unlikely friends are total opposite to one another, making this dark comedy a must-watch.

If you do choose to watch this show (and I hope you do) you're in for an emotional roller coaster and it's going to be great!!

Identical Strangers

This story is quite shocking to say the least.

Without giving too much away, the documentary originally produced by Channel 4 follows an unusual story of three triplets who were separated at a young age. In fact, they didn't know one another existed until they'd reached adulthood.

No spoilers, but this story is much darker than I imagined and truly sad. 

I have so many unanswered questions and so much more I need to know!

The Vicar of Dibley

Where do I even start in talking about this? 

This show alongside Father Ted and Absolutely Fabulous is literally my childhood. In fact, recently my partner and I have been watching all of these again at every opportunity. It's pure nostalgia for us millennials I suppose.

The BBC one show is a classic starring the one and only Dawn French, who by the way I adore. 

This comedy follows the female vicar as she surprises the village of Dibley with her arrival after the passing of the previous. It's up to her to change the mindset of the old-fashioned Parish Council with her endearing and outgoing personality.  

Workin' Moms

You may have noticed but I'm in fact not a mum - this doesn't mean I can't absolutely love Workin' Moms though and find the comedy highly amusing. 

In short this story line primarily follows two women Kate and Anne both navigating the world of parenthood. This show is truly honest and shows us the real struggle of raising children whilst managing careers, relationships and our own identity crises, with a lot of funny antidotes thrown in between. 

There's four seasons currently steaming on Netflix and with each episode approximately twenty two minutes long, you'll be able to binge this show in a matter of days!

There we have it! I hope I've been able to help you find your next Netflix fix and that you might just enjoy these shows as much as I do.


  1. Oh there are some here I have not tried yet. I loved Dead to me and the Vicar of Dibley is an absolute classic!

    We've just started Hollywood and finished watching the Crown, they are both great too.

    Claire x

  2. Dead to me is honestly one of my favourite things on Netflix - I absolutely loved the second season so much!

    I'll have to give the others on this list a try x

  3. I love the vicar of dibley!!! I really need to check out dead to me though!

  4. I absolutely love the Vicar of Dibley! It's such a lovely, funny and heartwarming comedy! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  5. I love watching Dead to Me! I literally sat and binged the whole of the first season in one sitting!


  6. I love Dead to Me, I'm so happy season 2 is finally out, that's my weekend sorted... I loved Workin' Moms too but I haven't managed to finish the last season yet, need to catch up. Restaurant on the Edge and Identical Strangers both sound amazing too x


  7. Dead to me sound super interesting! I'm in need of a new show to start!

  8. I literally just finished a show on Netflix and can't find anything interesting. Dead to me sounds pretty cool. I love Christina Applegate!

  9. OK Vicar of Dibly I brought as a box set when I was like 13 I love dawn french with all my heart! Also I am walking downstairs to watch restaurants on the edge right bloody now....

    1. You will love it! It's super easy to watch and such a heartwarming / beautiful show. Enjoy lovely xx


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