27 April 2020

Why Slow Living Works For Me

If slow living means buying an inflatable sun lounger and spending every waking minute on it, I'm an expert.

Okay, maybe not...

There are two things I want from life; to eat well and to live quietly.

I flourish in the silence where other people crave noise. I enjoy clean white walls, less clutter and solitude. I listen to calm piano music and find inspiration in the small details around my home. 

Slow living embraces joy and comfort in the little moments. Slow living is an attitude which rejects conformity to the modern fast-paced lifestyle that so many of us are wrapped up within. Slow living isn't about completely decluttering any ounce of colour from your life. This approach wants to radiate everywhere - to add small touches of happiness in every corner and allows you to appreciate the details.

This lifestyle movement is something I subconsciously decided upon several years ago, and has shaped my identity within the past year. When I thought about the home I wanted to create and the life I wanted to lead, slow living became inevitable. Staying on top of my well being was high on my priority list because at the ripe age of 24, I already felt burnt out and totally lost. I thought adulthood meant being constantly stressed and pushed to your limits. I didn't know how I was going to cope under such pressure and hoped I didn't have to. 

After working the 9-5 rat race for a couple of years after I graduated, I knew it wasn't my thing. I didn't know what was. Yes, I enjoy a certain level productivity and yes I enjoyed an office environment, but I craved more flexibility and time to appreciate the aspects of my life I deem important. All I mean is that, I've made a lifestyle choice in which I don't want my job to overshadow the rest of my life. More power to me! 

These days I live intentionally to value every moment and am able to shape my everyday. I work part time to pay the bills and being busy is not my goal. I hardly worry about managing a daunting workload or rely on other people for reassurance in my work. This slower pace of living is all my own. Created to rid anxieties, to share a great life with my partner and to create a calm atmosphere.

My home is filled with personality, love and light. Glimpses of colour tie everything together and beautiful houseplants welcome me through the front door. In this life I can pay more attention to the details in everyday and find a level of calm within myself where I feel truly on top of my mental state. Life runs at my pace, feels organised and works for me - how and when I want it to.


  1. I love the art of slow living Kate! I think so many of us are in the fast lane all the time that we don't appreciate what is around us! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. I am appreciating slow living too. It's totally different than what I am used to, but really it isn't so bad at all!

  3. I've not heard the expression slow living before (except as an Instagram hashtag!) but this is a lovely philosophy. Something we could all do with trying to emulate, I feel xx

  4. Honestly, I"m a bit of a mix. I love slow living at times but other times I need to get out and stretch my wings! I appreciate a bit of both!

  5. I'm actually the complete opposite - I just can't seem to slow down. But I really wish I could sometimes! x

  6. This is exactly how I feel, it definitely helps with your well-being. The 9-5 rat race isn't sustainable for everybody. Love this post!

  7. Thank you so much for this post because I can relate to everything that you said and always thought I was the only one! I'm sending you so much love. Stay strong, stay home, stay safe. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

  8. I love this idea of slow living! Such a beautiful post and definitely something I would love to implement into my own life 😊 xx

  9. Lovely post! I've never heard of the term slow living before but I do understand the concept.

  10. I'm usually the opposite, I feel like I thrive when my to-do list is endless but I like keeping my brain occupied by being busy so it works. It's good to have downtime though, and I do like being alone and those plain white walls. I'm glad it works for you! x



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